3 de agosto de 2010

The Broken Eyes of the Eternal Child

Innocent Toys are playing an Old tune.

Photo by Alice

Seeking for the Truth is in every Pupil of Childhood.

Corrosion of Corruption isn’t a Flower that grows in Pure Vitreous Humor.

Can we plant a Numinous Light in the Seeds of Dawn…?

Music : Ma Beauté a Fleuri Trop Tot - Eduard Artemiev

1 de agosto de 2010

Six is not always a Number...

...sometimes is just an Equation of a Dream.

Photo by Alice

House of Mutations

The sphere only retains density.

Photo by Alice

Light pulls by the belly, her sons and daughters.

Just ring the doorbell of her perception and enter the hallway to transformation.

Music: Stara Baba - IAM