21 de março de 2010


Azul perdido na sujidade de um dia transversal.

Photo by Alice

Cidade oblíqua sem espacialidade, nos interlúdios de um pensamento fugaz.

7 de março de 2010

Gate of Rules

"The Love Tale of Incautious"

Photo by Alice

I Love slow…slow but deep.
Feigned affections wash over Me.

Dream on my dear
And renounce temporal obligations
It’s a Sleep from which you may not awaken.

You tell me that I dream too much…
Now I’m serving time in a domestic Graveyard.

Never let it be said I was Untrue
I never found a Home inside of you
I gave you all my Time…

You play the Fool while I play the Clown.

(Words by Dead Can Dance rearranged by Alice)

Music : Ritual - Paul Mercer