16 de março de 2012

Strolling on processions of forgotten trails.

White cloaks steeping out of vaporous Clouds,

In the gloomy light of night,

Searching with one foot in Silence and one hand into Memory…

The Sleuthing hood shines slowly against the oblivious Darkness.

Music : Saffron Wood - Nel Ventre della Verginità

9 de março de 2012

Automatic Ideation

Exhumation of another Day

Yellow Road

Another Road.

Another End.

Leading to another Way....

Music : Clan of Xymox - She's Dangerous

4 de março de 2012

All...is a...Word

First the Structure...

And Fuzziness came.

Fluctuations of diversity in the Struggle of uniformity...

until the complexity of the Simplicity reaches another Word.

There will be
so many words...