11 de setembro de 2011

Fluffy attack

A human kid alludes to play,
His cuteness was convincingly Machiavellian.
Teddy never saw anything stuffed with this kind of sweet-cotton like Dreams.

The unknown rules where written in every smile of the new Games.
The happy strategy where designed, in every dust of chalk left in the Black board.
The malignant scissors where hidden behind the kindness of kid’s Eyes.

Teddy tried to grasp any light in the darkness of Kid’s Heart, but all his stuffed love was unstitched by the lines of not so innocent intentions.

Unstuffed Bear was left in the shelf of damaged Toys, waiting for the Master Puppeteer to be resewed in the wool of feelings.

Will he be another fluffy Killer…?

Music : Zbigniew Preisner - The Puppets

2 comentários:

Tweezers disse...

Esta linda história faz-me lembrar um tempo real numa noite musical, uma presença muito engraçada de um peluche assassino humanizado... Nada há nada melhor nestas "histórias" como o inverso de personagens :p

Alice atrás do Espelho disse...

Sé te posso dizer "Moche às flores!!"
Sim visto do outro lado tb tem a sua graça....;)