24 de outubro de 2009

Last Night

Alice escaped, through a leak from the window of my drunken soul.

Photo by the White Rabbit

Right now, all I know is that she’s running wildly in Silent Hedges. Hope that someday she’s coming back.

The White Rabbit

Music : Silent Hedges - Bauhaus

4 comentários:

Raquel disse...

White Rabbit,
Loved the photo, the words and the music choice ;)
There come times when Alice needs to run wildly for a while, we all do at some moments of our lifes. But she'll be back - maybe not soon... but she will, as soon she gets over the things that torment her right now.
Until that moment I'm sure gonna miss her around here! ;)

alice atras do espelho disse...

Thanks Raquel for your kind words. Right now I'm taking over this place, until Alice returns. I hope you like my company for a while, and I promise to make her justice, in this world of her. I know that she's coming back someday, but until that I gonna miss her...

Best Regards from the White Rabbit ;)

Carlos Garcia disse...

Vi esse gajo no metro do cais do sodré outro dia...tava atrasado

alice atras do espelho disse...

LOL pois o White Rabbit anda sempre atrasado... ;)