17 de outubro de 2009

Thesis - 4

Photo by Alice atrás do Espelho

Conflicting materia. Obsessive incongruity. Sharp and pungent dizziness. Berserker movements. Coarctate connections. Empty intimacy in full bodies. No time is present. Only now is refilled. Abstract flesh, in the wholes of the ground. Pointed objectives. Quaternary animals. Instant nutrition in eternal starvation. Dead language in burned knowledge. Instable finitude. Basic forms in decadent shapes. Electro-Chemical energy in a closed circuit. Disturbing quantity. Egoistic solitude. Mental disaster. Broken wires.

No bonds. No unions. No relations.

Music : Holy War pt.1 (Enter) - Coph Nia

2 comentários:

Raquel disse...

Está tudo dito no teu texto... ADOREI!
(esta foto dá-me vontade de gritar: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!)
Bjs xx

alice atras do espelho disse...

Lol bem entao grita a vontade,mas ao som desta música ainda melhor....
pois o texto.... ;)

Bjs grandes para ti deste lado! ;)